Transforming sales teams
Research customer experience
Customise CRM with people in mind
  • About us
We do it for you
  • Implement / Transform CRM
    We work with Kommo, amoCRM and Bitrix
  • Conducting customer experience research
    We conduct customer research and develop digital, customer-centric products. We use CusDev, CJM, Service Blueprint methodologies, etc.
  • Our unique product - synthesis of customer experience research and CRM customizations
    The methodology allows us to quickly increase sales through a double-action synergy.
    First, we listen to customers and study the customer experience to identify gaps between expectation and reality and understand the reasons why customers "drop out".
    Secondly, we put these insights into practice: we fix business processes at the CRM level.

Why choose us

  • We are a CRM atelier
    The process of customizing amoCRM for us is akin to the process of creating an exclusive suit. All processes must fit you exactly to your measurements. Correct imperfections, emphasize the advantages. Inspire.
  • Integral approach
    Deep dive into your product and sales business processes. We design amoCRM architecture based on our expertise in building sales teams, product management, design thinking and system transformation.
  • With care for the people
    We customize processes for people and together with people. We don't build juicers of money from clients and efforts from managers.
    We build starships that take your business to the top. Synergy of digital transformation and human approach.
  • We have values
    We impact the world, not just make money. We specialize in setting up amoCRM for businesses with meaning and self-managed companies. We support Impact entrepreneurs.
We can help you earn more while having more fun at work

Why Kommo?

CRM for people

The slogan of amoCRM is "All the unique ways you manage clients — combined in one app". We appreciate Kommo for its intuitive interface and care for users. Your sales managers will find it pleasant and easy to work in it.

CRM №1 for small and medium-sized businesses
Kommo CRM is a complete set of tools that will unlock the potential of your sales team and increase its efficiency.
Extensive possibilities
Automatic capture of all requests from all sources: website, telephony, mail, messengers, social networks - you won't lose a single client. All correspondence with the client in one window, one-click call, integration with hundred of extensions and much more.
We will help you implement CRM from scratch or adjust your current settings and enrich the functionality if you already have amoCRM implemented

We are Kommo certified partner

How we work on projects

We'll do an in-depth audit and show you what's under the hood

We'll bring problems to light and find their causes. We will immerse ourselves in your product, business processes and corporate culture. We'll talk to managers. We'll study sales statistics. We'll put all the pieces of the puzzle together. We will show how the elements of your sales system interact with each other and where the roots of the problems are

Offer a comprehensive solution
We will develop a comprehensive solution to change the existing system of business processes in the connection of offline + online (customization of amoCRM). We will offer solutions based on our experience in building sales teams, product management, design thinking and system transformation.
We will digitize business processes and customize everything in amoCRM with care for your managers and customers
Implement changes in collaboration with you
Our approach to amoCRM implementation is based on empathy and collaboration. We involve all sales managers, not just executives, in the transformation process. By doing so, we minimize resistance to change and make customization in amoCRM vital and convenient. Together with your team, we'll sharpen and polish the processes so that the "suit" fits exactly to the measure
We'll be around as long as you need us to be
We will train your managers and supervisors. At the end of the project, we will offer you our care and support program. We will be there for you as long as you need us. We're willing to grow your project as long as you see the value in it. But we don't get clients hooked on ourselves and against addiction. So we'll train you to change the basic settings yourself

Why choose us?

We work in 3 dimensions of your business at once. We build a matrix of customer experience, experience of your managers and current settings in CRM. We analyze processes overlapping each other. We identify problems and fix them on all levels at once

As a result, your sales grow, customers are happy, managers want to work in amoCRM
Customer experience
We strive to increase LTV and improve customer experience to increase your sales. We conduct customer experience research in different formats: create customer journey maps, conduct user surveys. We build hypotheses and identify quick improvement points
Experience of managers
It's not commonly talked about, but often CRM implementation/improvement projects end up... nothing. It is like an expensive car, which is dusty in the garage and no one drives it. Because the integrator did not take into account psychological aspects and corporate culture during implementation

When working on projects, we involve sales managers in cooperation. We show empathy and use elements of coaching
Settings in CRM
If you already have a CRM implemented, we'll dive into the customizations and explore them. If you don't have a CRM yet, we'll study your business sales processes. We'll match them with research on your customers' and managers' experiences. We will design, agree and customize amoCRM for you.

In the process of use we will carefully adjust the "dress to fit", so that the settings help you to increase sales and at the same time managers do not burn out

Want a free audit of your sales team's business processes?

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Our contacts
We are a remote team based in Mauritius and Kyrgyzstan

+ 230 571 96871 (Whatsapp & Telegram messages and calls)

+996 220 495 657 (Whatsapp & Telegram messages and calls)
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